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Providing translation services can be a valuable addition to your travel agency's offerings, especially for clients who may need assistance with language barriers during their trip to Istanbul. Here's how you can set up and manage interpreting services:

1. **Languages Offered**: Determine which languages you will offer for interpreting services. Common languages for Istanbul include English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian and other languages depending on your customer base.

2. **Professional Translators**: Fluent speakers of the languages you offer and experts in tourism, business, medicine, law, etc. We have hired professional translators with expertise in various fields.

3. **On-Demand and Scheduled Services**: Offer both on-demand and scheduled translation services to meet different needs. On-demand services may be for situations such as airport pickup, while scheduled services may be for meetings, tours, or events.

4. **Interpreting Modes**: Depending on the client's needs and preferences, we provide different interpreting modes such as face-to-face, telephone, video conferencing or written translation.

5. **Specialist Interpreting**: We offer specialized translation services for specific sectors or situations such as business meetings, conferences, medical appointments, legal proceedings and tourism activities.

6. **Cultural Sensitivity**: We ensure that translators are culturally sensitive and knowledgeable about local customs and etiquette, which is vital for effective communication, especially in diverse cities such as Istanbul.

7. **24/7 Availability**: We provide 24-hour accessibility to translation services, especially for emergencies or emergencies that may arise during your customers' travels.

8. **Technology Integration**: Particularly for remote or virtual interpreting needs, we utilize technologies such as translation applications, software or devices to facilitate seamless communication between clients and translators.

9. **Transparent Pricing**: Clearly outline your pricing structure for interpreting services (whether hourly rates, per-session rates, or package deals) so clients know what to expect.

10. **Feedback and Quality Assurance**: To ensure the quality and satisfaction of your translation services, we collect feedback from your clients and continually improve based on their input.

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