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Expanding your services to include accommodation in Istanbul is a great idea! We arrange and manage accommodation services for our clients as follows:

1. **Hotel Partnerships**: We have established partnerships with a variety of hotels in Istanbul, from budget to luxury options, to offer your customers a wide selection.

2. **Online Booking Platform**: We support an online platform where customers can search for suitable accommodation, compare prices and book conveniently.

3. **Location and Amenities**: To help customers make informed decisions, we provide detailed information about each accommodation option, including its location, amenities, and nearby attractions.

4. **Special Deals and Packages**: We offer special deals and packages to customers who book accommodation along with flight tickets or airport transfer.

5. **Customer Support**: We offer customer support to assist customers with any questions or issues regarding accommodation reservations, including changes or cancellations.

6. **Secure Payment Process**: We ensure that your payment system is safe and secure, allowing your customers to securely pay for their accommodation reservations.

7. **Local Information and Recommendations**: We provide customers with insider tips and recommendations for their stay in Istanbul, including must-visit attractions, restaurants and activities.

8. **Group Bookings and Events**: We assist clients with group bookings for events or special occasions such as conferences, weddings or corporate meetings.

9. **Feedback and Reviews**: To help maintain the quality of your service and to assist future customers in making decisions, we encourage your customers to leave feedback and reviews about their stay experience.

10. **7/24 Assistance**: We offer customers 24-hour assistance in case of emergencies or unexpected problems during their stay in Istanbul.

By offering accommodation services alongside your existing offerings, we can provide your customers with a comprehensive travel experience and make Istanbul the go-to destination for all their travel needs.

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